About accommodation fees

We understand that your accommodation is an important investment for you and we aim to deliver a high-quality, safe experience for you. Rents are banded, wherever possible, to allow students to make informed decisions and to ensure a range of budgets can be met. Before students arrive, we enquire how much they can afford to pay with 96% of students being offered accommodation that fits their budget. 

Where is the money spent?

We are working hard to find ways of reducing our costs to keep rents as low as possible. We don’t make a profit from accommodation fees, we just cover the cost for the following facilities and services:

  • routine and emergency maintenance (the latter is a 24/7 service) as well as ongoing major and minor refurbishments
  • utilities including all charges for gas, electricity, water and internet;
  • cleaning of communal areas, including kitchens and bathrooms;
  • the staff who contribute to the smooth running of the residences; including porters, handypersons, administrative and catering staff;
  • an extensive pastoral team including wardens and senior residents; 
  • 24-hour security;
  • a B:Active Residences sports pass;
  • meal provided in catered residences over the holiday periods at no additional cost throughout their tenancy agreement;
  • catering: in addition to catered residences, a formal meal and 'nosh nights' are offered to students in self-catered residences;
  • a bus pass for all undergraduate residents on the U1 Bristol Unibus between the city centre, the central campus and Stoke Bishop.

How fees are determined

The level of rent for a particular room is influenced by a range of factors, including the type of room you have, facilities in the residence, condition of the décor and whether the room is shared. Additional facilities require cleaning, heating, lighting, maintenance, etc., which results in higher running costs. We ensure there are a number of rooms capped at a lower level 'budget' rent, agreed with the Students’ Union. All University rents are benchmarked against rents charged at other institutions and commercial accommodation in Bristol. In the past, the accommodation fees were not sufficient to cover all of the costs involved in running the residences. As a result, over recent years, rents have increased in order to arrive at a level where they cover these costs,. As part of this process, in 2017/18, the rents will rise by, on average, 3.4% for University-allocated accommodation.

Do you need help covering the cost?

We have introduced accommodation bursaries to new undergraduates starting their course in 2017/18 who meet the bursary conditions. Accommodation bursaries of £1000 per annum will be paid as a rebate on your accommodation fees for University-allocated accommodation. Students who run into financial difficulties and have trouble paying their rent can find out about the support on offer from the Student Union and the fees and funding website. 

Accommodation bursaries

New for 2017/18 are our bursaries. Visit the accommodation bursaries page for full details of eligibility and to apply. 

You can also apply, if applicable, for the Unite Foundation Scholarhip

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