International students

Before you arrive

It is essential that we have your current, personal email address, please do not use your agent's email address. You may miss your accommodation offer if you cannot reply to your offer email straight away.

Accommodation application process

Information for the academic year 20/21 will be available soon.

Help and support

There are people in your residence who can give you advice and support. If you have have a problem with your accommodation after you arrive, you can speak to your residence Student Support Centre.

If your problem is not resolved contact the Accommodation Office or the International Office for further help.

Change of plans

Contact us immediately with any changes in your plans. Always include your name and student number in the email. We need to know if:

  • you decide to look for private accommodation
  • your partner or family will (or will not) join you in Bristol
  • you decide not to attend the University of Bristol
  • your start date at university changes.
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