Accommodation for new postgraduates

Postgraduate residences

Choosing University allocated accommodation offers many advantages. All your bills are included in your rent, you don't need a UK guarantor and you don't need to go through the right to rent checks. University accommodation also provides opportunity for personal and academic development, and the support of a 24/7 pastoral team living in your residence. The University offers a range of room types and tenancy lengths...

Studio apartments

Studio apartments are small, self-contained flats with their own bathroom (shower, basin and toilet), kitchen area, study space and sleeping area. Studios are popular with postgraduates as they offer privacy and autonomy, while still being part of a University of Bristol postgraduate community. All our studios have the same rent and are available with either a 50 or 51 week tenancy. Studios are available in Orchard Heights, The Courtrooms, and New Bridewell.

En suite rooms

En suite rooms are grouped into flats, and offer the chance to mix more with your fellow students for example by sharing cooking, studying or other aspects of student life. En suite rooms have a sleeping area, study area and bathroom (shower, basin and toilet). A separate kitchen/diner is shared with other students.  Ensuites have three rent levels, based on the age of the property and the number of people sharing a kitchen. En suite rooms are available in all our postgraduate residences

Tenancy length

Postgraduate tenancies are normally either 50 or 51 weeks, to cover the duration of your course. This year, Chantry Court offers tenancies of 45 weeks, as the building will be closing for refurbishment in summer 2017. As well as studios and ensuites Chantry has standard rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen. The maximum number of students sharing a bathroom is 5. The University guarantees a room in another residence for up to 6 weeks after your 45 week tenancy at Chantry if you need it.

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