Development opportunities


The University provides a thorough training programme for senior residents, starting with three days of compulsory training usually in the second week of September. You will also be provided with opportunities to acquire new skills from first aid to event planning.

Our training will help develop:

  • Your knowledge and understanding of the services available at the University to help students who may be in difficulty.
  • Your skills in communication and active listening, in being able to understand students who may have concerns or issues that require support, and being able to help them effectively, by providing advice or signposting to professional services.
  • Your knowledge and understanding of key areas of student welfare, including ways to promote general student wellbeing, safe use of alcohol, drugs awareness, sexual consent, and mental health.
  • Your skills and confidence in engaging proactively with new students, including being able to lead group discussions on complex issues.
  • Your understanding of other cultures, ethnicities, religions, and people from diverse or minority backgrounds.
  • Your ability to administer the recovery position properly.
  • Your awareness of fire safety.

You can view content from the 2014 Senior Resident pre-tenancy training programme on the Student Services website.

Bristol PluS award

As a senior resident you will develop transferable skills which are valuable for life in the work-place, such as: a proactive attitude, effective communication skills and the ability to juggle competing priorities.

As the role is a voluntary activity it counts towards the Bristol PluS award. The PluS award recognises and rewards Bristol students who gain professional and life skills through taking on activities outside their studies. The award is designed to help you enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd, develop your employability and your ability to articulate your skills to employers.

Find out more or sign-up to the Bristol PluS award.

Riverside senior residents packing welcome bags 2015.

As a Senior Resident you have the chance to have a positive impact on a student's life. It is a priceless feeling.

Senior Resident (Rverside 2015/16)

Working with a wonderful team towards a common goal of making students from all over the globe feel at home has been an experience that I will never trade for anything. I have grown in emotional intelligence, conflict management, self-control, empathy, tolerance and teamwork

Senior Resident (City Centre Old Town 2015/16)
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