Section 8 - Student representation

Research students have a variety of opportunities for giving feedback on all aspects of their experience and are actively encouraged to engage with these.

All schools and faculties have mechanisms in place to allow research students to feed in their views and ideas. Collective feedback is often provided at school and/or faculty level through forums such as student/staff liaison committees or their equivalent. There may be a separate forum specifically for research students or this may be for postgraduates or all students in general. See also the Code of Practice for Student Representation for Research Students.

Research students are also invited to provide individual written feedback through programme, school or University questionnaires.

8.1 As a minimum, research students must be able to provide feedback on their experience through the following mechanisms:

At University levelthrough student representation on Senate, Education Committee and University PGR Committee, and through the opportunity to participate in regular surveys of research students and student forums.

At faculty levelthrough student representative membership at appropriate bodies and through contributing to forums enabling collective feedback about research student experiences.

At school levelthrough representative membership at appropriate bodies (such as student/staff liaison committees) and through the opportunity to express views in questionnaires and discussions with supervisors and other members of academic staff.