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Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus is a place to do things differently. We’re creating a thriving ecosystem where students, academics, researchers, businesses, civic partners and the local community will work together to build new knowledge in the digital age. It will create new research opportunities focused on digital, business and social innovation.

Bringing together a critical mass of world-class academic, industrial and entrepreneurial expertise will enable us to innovate at scale and tackle the global challenges that impact our society. We will explore the impact of digital technologies on humans and wider society, how we can innovate responsibly and create and inclusive economy that works for everyone.

Alongside our research, we’re expanding our education offer to develop the skills and expertise needed in a rapidly changing digital economy. We’ll do this by co-creating and co-delivering new courses with industry partners, developing new flexible degrees and plan to offer evening and weekend courses that anyone can join.

At the core of the campus will be three interrelated research entities - Quantum Technology Innovation Centre, The Bristol Digital Futures Institute and the Inclusive Economy Initiative – who will draw on our strengths in social sciences, data sciences and engineering. They will be located with the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a new school of Management and parts of digital engineering alongside a range of enterprise partners.

This is a very unique partnership where we’re working across a range of ideas. Working in the same building with academics and students allows us to drive forward innovation. It gives potential that we wouldn’t get if we were based elsewhere.

Dr Venura Perera, Data Science Manager, LV= General Insurance

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