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A top UK city in terms of tech investment (Tech Nation Report 2021), Bristol is globally recognised for its innovation and thriving tech industry so it’s no surprise that we lead the way in developing sought after and highly skilled graduates

As a postgraduate student you will join a passionate community of likeminded engineers and scientists and learn from experts who are already working at the forefront of technology. Our world-leading research ranks among the best in the world, with global impact that translates directly into the courses you'll study. Choose from a range of one-year masters degrees and graduate as a tech expert in your specialist field.

MSc Cyber Security (Infrastructures Security) - NEW for 2022

The cyber security of critical infrastructures is essential to avoid large-scale disruption to societies. Our MSc provides you with the technical skills and theoretical knowledge to mitigate against cyber security threats.

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MSc Data Science - NEW online, part-time option for 2022

If you want to improve the world through the responsible use of data, our MSc in Data Science will give you the skills to do so. Learn how to understand, in depth, the computational and statistical principles of modern data science and become skilled in the rigorous and ethical application of these techniques to real-world challenges.

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MSc Environmental Modelling and Data Analysis - NEW for 2022

Learn how models of environmental processes are developed and applied across a range of areas including climate changes, flooding, biogeochemistry and glaciers. You will join a dynamic research-rich School, led by world renowned experts in their fields, as you develop an appreciation of all aspects of environmental modelling and gain the skills to guide your career in this vital and exciting area.

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MSc Geographic Data Science and Spatial Analytics - NEW for 2022

Use cutting-edge tools and methods from data science to analyse spatial data in order to tackle challenges spanning from neighbourhoods and cities to regions and supra-national systems. You'll join the renowned research-rich School of Geographical Sciences and benefit from our longstanding history and excellence in quantitative geography and spatial analysis.

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MA Immersive Arts (Virtual & Augmented Reality) - NEW for 2022

Translate your learning and experience in creative arts into making engaging immersive content and designing innovative interactive experiences.

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MSc Immersive Technologies (Virtual & Augmented Reality) - NEW for 2022

Gain the skills and knowledge to work with immersive technologies and learn to understand the theory that underpins extended reality experiences.

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MSc Mathematics of Cybersecurity

Mathematics plays a key role in both preventing and modelling security breaches, with many cybersecurity tools and algorithms being based on mathematical ideas.

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Why Bristol?

Bristol is one of the most exciting places for tech in the world - a magnet for hardware and software development. The University has a proven track record for collaborating with businesses in life sciences, cyber security, quantum and robotics and is involved in several autonomous vehicle projects.

Staff in the Smart Internet Lab

The birthplace of the transputer chip, Bristol has continued to innovate. The region is currently home to a number of R&D centres including Oracle’s Cloud Development, HP Labs Bristol and the University's own Smart Internet Lab is developing a 5G network, one of only 3 of its kind in the UK.

Working alongside top players such as Boeing, Hewlett Packard and Toshiba are many start-ups and fast-growing companies like Ultraleap, which specialises in touchless technology, and Open Bionics, building the next generation of prosthetics.

Groups sat around tables in the Engine Shed

Voted one of Europe’s Hottest Accelerator according to the The Europas 2021, SETsquared Bristol supports the growth of such technology-based businesses in the city, helping them move from initial ideas into commercial viability. As a long standing enterprise partner with 4 other leading universities, SETsquared is now the global #1 University Business Incubator.

The city also hosts some exciting tech events including the Bristol Technology Festival, the annual Response-ability Summit and the Bristol Ideas, a year-round programme of stimulating talks and debates, bringing together arts and sciences to explore the key issues of our time. Smaller events include the Pint of Science talks in May where local scientists, including those from Bristol Robotics Laboratory, showcase their ideas in pubs around the city.

The University of Bristol is one of the world's leading research-intensive universities and offers postgraduate students an exciting array of opportunities to understand and develop the tech of the future:

  • Jean Golding Institute is a central hub for data science and data-intensive research
  • Bristol Digital Futures Institute will transform the way we create new digital technology for inclusive, prosperous and sustainable societies
  • QET brings together the broader quantum and related activity at Bristol to maximise opportunities for new science discoveries that underpin engineering and technology development
  • Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research supports exciting new developments in health research in electrical engineering, robotics and composite materials.

What are my career options?

The constant development of new technologies means that there’s a demand for brilliant tech minds. With tens of thousands of digital and tech jobs in Bristol and Bath alone - never has there been a better time to work in this thriving industry.

A postgraduate degree in tech from Bristol will give you the knowledge and sought-after skills required to unlock a wide range of different careers and help you progress in your chosen area. Your experience will make you highly valued by employers in a range of sectors and help you realise your potential to address the world’s most complex technological challenges and strive for innovation.

And as a research-intensive university, further study could be an option in one of our many Centres for Doctoral Training covering a broad range of disciplines vital for developing knowledge and expertise in the future, including areas like autonomous robotics, data science, quantum engineering and digital health.

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With excellent standards of teaching and research, as well as one of the few institutions offering my course, Bristol was the only choice for me!

Amar Hussain, MSc Computer Science

SETsquared incubator

A dynamic, bespoke, and supportive environment to grow your technology business.

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If you have a specific robotics topic you’re interested in, you will be able to have an expert as your supervisor. There are many professors and researchers that provide interesting research topics for dissertations.

So-Young Kim, MSc Robotics
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