Personal Tutors

As Personal Tutors we are here to help with your academic and personal development.

Contact your Personal Tutor

Find out how to contact your Personal Tutor.

What we do

All taught students have a Personal Tutor. We will get to know you from your first days here, and help you learn throughout your student experience. 

We are academic staff who have expertise in a particular subject area or field of study and are your main point of contact within your school or department.

You willl have the same Personal Tutor throughout your studies unless this is not possible or you request a change.

Senior Tutors

Senior Tutors are academics who support Personal Tutors. They are knowledgeable about alternative sources of support. 

If you have issues that may significantly affect your studies, we may ask you to see a Senior Tutor.

How we can help

You can talk to us about academic and personal issues. If you are feeling lost, worried about your studies, or falling behind, come to us for advice and guidance.

We will also work with the Student Wellbeing Service to help you find the right type of support.

Things we can't help with

We are not experts in counselling, healthcare or careers advice but can signpost you to other support services.

We are not normally available outside standard working hours.

Contact your Personal Tutor

You should have been given your Personal Tutor's contact details at the start of your studies.

Contact your school if you are unsure who your personal tutor is.

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If you think you need different support

If you don't think this is the right support for you, find out where else you can get help

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