Digital Support Fund

Students can apply to the Digital Support Fund for financial help towards the costs of IT equipment needed for their course. This fund is only available to students who are unable to purchase this equipment because of financial difficulties.

What we can help with

This fund is for students who have had difficulties with their current IT equipment and need to either get it repaired or purchase a new one to continue with their course.

The Digital Support Fund will provide successful applicants with a contribution of £250 towards the cost of a laptop.

Who can apply

The fund is only available to students who are in financial difficulty. In order to access the fund applicants must either:

be in receipt of a University of Bristol Bursary, Access to Bristol Bursary or Bristol Scholars Bursary


have successfully applied to the Financial Assistance Fund in this academic year.

You can only receive one payment from the Digital Support Fund during your studies. The fund will not accept applications from pre-sessional, visiting or exchange students.

You must have been studying here for at least 2 months before applying for funding.

How to apply

To access the fund you must:

  • Have provided the university with your bank details
  • Apply in advance of purchasing IT equipment
  • Not have already received an award from the DSF, and
  • Provide proof of purchase afterwards, or repay the award.

You can apply through the online form.

We aim to assess applications during term time within 1 week and for successful applicants to receive payment within 2 weeks.

Providing proof of purchase

Successful applicants must provide a receipt evidencing the purchase of IT equipment within 1 month, or will be sent a bill for repayment.

Evidence should be sent to

It is expected that the full award should be put towards the purchase of IT equipment.

Further details

If you have questions about the Digital Support Fund, email the Hardship Team at

Funding enquiries or money worries

Funding queries:

Call our Student Services:
+44 (0)117 428 3000

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