Trans and non-binary mentoring

The University of Bristol has a large community of trans and non-binary students. We are committed to creating a culture that is inclusive of trans, non-binary, intersex, and gender diverse members of our University, so that individuals can reach their full potential.

If you are a trans or non-binary student, then you could be supported by a mentor with similar lived experience.

Your mentor will be trans or non-binary and someone who knows the local community. They are there to listen when you need to talk and help you work towards your goals. They may also provide you with information and advice regarding trans and non-binary services.

You can apply for a mentor at anytime during your university experience.

The role of a trans and non-binary mentor

Your mentor is a trained volunteer who is there to help you. Our mentors receive training that is tailored to supporting trans and non-binary students.

Your mentor will:

  • support you in understanding the issues faced by trans and non-binary students
  • explore the impact of how being trans affects both mental health, social engagement, and your university experience
  • share information and advice regarding trans services and support, and how to access them
  • work in partnership with you to identify your needs and desired goals
  • help you to plan towards achieving your goals in a manageable way.


Mentoring can take place online or in-person. You could choose to:

  • go for a coffee or tea
  • arrange a video call or phone call
  • go for a walk
  • exchange emails and messages.

Contact time

Mentors can spend up to an hour per week in contact with you, but you may find that you need less contact at some times. Each mentee’s needs will vary, and your mentoring relationship will reflect this.

Finding the right mentor

When you apply, we’ll ask you to provide basic details about yourself, and then meet with you to discuss your needs. We use this information to match you with the best mentor for you. Your mentor may not share the same identity as you, but they will be on the trans and non-binary spectrum.

If you have expressed a preference for a mentor who shares similar characteristics to you, we will try our best to fulfil this.

Request a mentor

Our next round of mentoring will begin in October 2024. To sign up for a mentor, complete the form and we'll contact you.

Request a mentor

Email with any queries. 

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