About WTPN

We support professionals working with parents with learning difficulties and learning disabilities and their children. Promoting the welfare of these children is paramount to all organisations and individuals within the network. The WTPN:

  • Provides a UK-wide network for professionals sharing positive practice including four regional groups in England and country-wide networks in Scotland and Wales
  • Seeks to engage with key stakeholders from social care, health and children’s sectors to work towards a common vision and joint ways of working.

Whilst our network in England is for professionals, we take advice from two groups of parents with learning difficulties. These parents are from Building Bridges Training and the London Network.

They ensure that the parents’ views are central to our philosophy and outputs.

Information for parents with learning difficulties can be found at:

In Scotland and Wales, close links have developed with People First and self-advocacy groups and network activity there involves both parents and professionals.

The WTPN uses the term 'parents with learning difficulties' to describe the adults supported by our members. We recognise that the term 'adults with learning disabilities' is often used to describe this group, particularly within the statutory framework, and is the term used in the 2016 WTPN Updated Good Practice Guidance (PDF, 1,374kB).

We are grateful to the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for their support of the WTPN.

To join the Working Together with Parents Network, please complete the online membership form.


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