Research governance

This research is conducted under the auspices of an academic and a stakeholder advisory group

Academic advisory group

The academic advisory group oversees all aspects of the progress of the study. The members have research expertise in kinship care, social work, poverty and social exclusion, inequality, geography, mapping and secondary data analyses.  The academic advisory group is made up of the following members:

Irwin Epstein

Professor, City University of New York

Julie Selwyn

Professor, University of Bristol

Elaine Farmer

Professor University of Bristol

Dave Gordon

Professor, University of Bristol

Shailen Nandy

Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Eldin Fahmy

Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol

Joan Hunt

Honourary professor, Cardiff University

Paul Bywaters

Professor, University of Coventry

Danny Dorling

Professor, University of Oxford

Stakeholder advisory group

In order to facilitate better outcomes for children and families in kinship care situations, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this research, the results of the study need to be accessible and useful to a to a number of distinct audiences including; 1) Policy makers and service providers 2) Third sector organisations such as charities and organisations campaigning for children’s right and against child and 3) the kinship families. Therefore, this project has continuous knowledge exchange and co-production of knowledge through direct engagement and collaboration a stakeholder advisory group. The members of the stakeholder advisory group are:

Cathy Ashley

CEO, Family Rights Group

Sarah Wellard

Director of Policy and Research, Grandparents Plus

Gail Peachey

Department for Education

Lorna Rook

Team Manager, Islington borough

Alison Gillies

Welfare Rights Worker, Child poverty action group, Scotland

Sandra  Gulyurtlu 

Senior Research Adviser, Office of the children’s commissioner

Caroline Miles

 Solicitor, Avon & Bristol Law Centre; and Research Assistant NFRC. 

David Pitcher 

Family Court Adviser, CAFCASS

Kia Pettifer

Kinship Carer

Lynn Chesterman

CEO, The Grandparents' Association

Tim Carter

Assistant Director, Barnardo’s Midlands and South West

Samantha Callan

Associate Director for Families and Mental Health, Centre for Social Justice

Olu Alake

Director of Grant Programmes and Project Development, Buttle UK

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