Staff Research Expertise and Projects

NameExpertiseCurrent Research Projects
Ailes, Marianne - Professor of French Comparative literature on the Middle Ages, especially the interaction between Old French, Anglo-Norman and Middle English

Charlemagne: A European Icon

Bush, Ruth - Associate Professor in French and Comparative Literature

African literary and cultural studies; material print cultures; readers and reading; sociology of culture; literary translation

Popular Print and Reading Cultures in Francophone Africa (AHRC-funded, Senegal focus; see

Creative Writing and Translation for Peace (AHRC-funded, Cameroon focus)

Creative Lives of African Universities (ERC-funded)

Daniels, Rhiannon - Associate Professor in Italian Studies

The transmission and reception of medieval and Renaissance Italian culture; intermediality and the history of the book

The Renaissance Decameron: a comprehensive study of the printed tradition of Boccaccio's major work in the 16th century
Davies, Steffan - Senior Lecturer Exile literature 1790-1955; German literature and history of the late eighteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries; contacts between German and Welsh literatures German Exile Literature in the ‘Age of Nations’, 1790-1955

The British Library Michael Hamburger Collection: Mediating European Literature (AHRC CDP)

Doak, Connor - Lecturer Transnational approaches to: Russian literature and culture; romanticism, realism, and modernism; gender and sexuality, especially masculinity; literary and cultural theories, all with focus on contacts between Russia and Western Europe and the Americas.  

Transnational Russian Studies: A project re-orienting Russian Studies as a discipline, investigating the boundary work that sustains ‘Russia’ and ‘Russian’ as national categories, and charting the crossing or transgression of those constructed boundaries

Queer Russian Life-Writing: A project investigating the ways in which queer (LGBTQ+) Russians have created ego-texts, with emphasis on how transnational influences have shaped queer Russian lives

Earlie, Paul - Senior Lecturer in French Media and Communication

French literature and culture; Francophone Belgian literature and culture; literary and cultural theory (especially rhetoric)

The Rhetoric of Theory: the ambivalent reception and afterlife of classical rhetoric in French thought from Roland Barthes to Barbara Cassin).

Intellectuals and the Popular Media in France: comparative media approach to understanding how public intellectuals in France have engaged with the mass media

Fox, Albertine - Senior Lecturer in French Film Intermediality and image-sound-text relationships; intersectional feminist and queer theory; LGBTQ film and literature Female Sexuality in Contemporary Middle Eastern film

Chantal Akerman's Texts, Installations, documentaries, and Fictional Works

Listening Spaces in Francophone Documentary film

Harrow, Susan - Ashley Watkins Chair in French Language and Literature 19th and 20th-century French literature (poetry and narrative), visual/textual culture studies, modernism studies, epistolarity studies

Letterworlds: Epistolarity and the Inter-Art Community in France 1848–1902

Colour in Modern French Poetry and Art Writing, c19th-c21st.

Hawkey, James - Senior Lecturer in Spanish Linguistics Linguistics (Historical Linguistics and Sociolinguistics), Minority Languages, Catalan Studies

European Migration, Language Policy and Small States (funded by the British Academy): addresses how economic migrant communities engage with the 'small' languages of their host countries, focusing on Catalan in Andorra and Luxembourgish in Luxembourg.

Sociolinguistic Perspectives of Catalan in France (funded by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust): examines the links between language attitudes and linguistic practices in Catalan-speaking areas of southern France, with special attention to phonetic and morphosyntactic variation.

Hurcombe, Martin - Professor of French Studies Interwar radical politics, particularly the French far right and its relationship to Mediterranean dictatorships; late 19th- and 20th-century sports culture; French and Scandinavian crime fiction France and the Spanish Civil War

French Political Travel Writing of the Inter-War Years

Global Cycling (with Matthew Brown)

King, Edward - Associate Professor in Portuguese and Latin American Studies Transmedia storytelling; comics and graphic fiction Using Critical Data Comics to Explore Digital Literacies and Social Inclusion in Brazil (UoB ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Impact Project Award), 2020-2022

Narratives and the Grapevine: New Modes for Literature and Storytelling (UoB Brigstow Seedcorn Funding) 2019-2020 (with Madhu Krishnan)

Kosick, Rebecca - Senior Lecturer

Comparative poetics; hemispheric American poetry; intermedia arts; Latin American art; Latin American literature; literary theory; new materialisms; translation studies; translation theory

British Library Michael Hamburger Archive: Mediating European Literature (AHRC CDP)

Maths Poems (Brigstow-funded Interdisciplinary Research Project)

Multilingual Multimedia: Artists' Books in Cuba and the United States (Eccles Centre Visiting Fellowship at the British Library)

Multiverses: Languages of Contemporary Poetry

Merchant, Paul - Senior Lecturer in Latin American FIlm and Visual Culture

Ecological literature and visual culture in the Americas (and elsewhere)

Reimagining the Pacific: Images of the Ocean in Chile and Peru, c.1960 to the Present (AHRC Leadership Fellowship)
O'Rawe, Catherine - Professor of Italian Film and Culture

Italian cinema; cinema and media studies; audience studies; acting, stardom and celebrity

Italian Cinema Audiences, 1945-60 (AHRC-funded) (

Film Studios: Infrastructure, Culture, Innovation in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, 1930-60 (ERC-funded) (, with Sarah Street

Randall, Rachel - Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Media and Digital Communications

Latin American cultural studies; women's writing and filmmaking; Latin American digital culture

Paid to Care: Domestic Workers in Contemporary Latin American culture

Schonle, Andreas - Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature, Head of School

Cultural and ideological constructions of time and space in Russia; elite studies; urban studies with emphasis on post-socialist cities; Russian literature in a transnational context (18th-19th centuries); literary and cultural theory

A History of Russian Time

The Europeanised Russian Elite across Borders

Shilton, Siobhan - Professor in French Studies and the Visual Arts 20th- and 21st-century literature and visual arts exploring encounters between French-speaking cultures (particularly in the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa, and France). Themes include: immigration, diaspora, colonialism, postcolonialism, revolution, travel, exoticism, transnationalism, transculturation

Art and the 'Arab Spring': Aesthetics of Revolution and Resistance in Tunisia and Beyond

Transcultural Encounters between France and the Maghreb in Literature and the Visual Arts 

Siviter, Clare - Senior Lecturer in French Theatre and Performance

Theatre, censorship, celebrity culture

Surveilling the Stage: Censorship and Subjectivity in the Age of the Revolution (Leverhulme Research Fellowship)

Theatre on the Move in Times of Conflict (1750-1850) (BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant)

Stephens, Bradley - Associate Professor

Reception theory and adaptation studies; gender studies (especially masculinity studies) and literary celebrity; romantic poetics and the environmental humanities

The Relationship between the Romantic Imagination and Existential Phenomenology

Mid-twentieth-century Literary Exchanges between France and America

The Transnational and Multimedia legacy of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables (1862)

Transnational Masculinity Studies

Tomlinson, Rowan - Senior Lecturer

Renaissance cultural and intellectual history (French, Italian, neo-Latin)

The Relationship between Natural History and Literature across the long 16th Century

Pre-modern Theories of Imitation and Intertextuality

The Politics of Style

Interactions between Textual and Visual Cultures in Classical Reception

Vilain, Robert - Professor of German and Comparative Literature Comparative literature; Franco-German literary relations in the 19th and 20th centuries; literary translation; the relations of literature with music, the visual arts, and film (especially early 20th-century)

The oeuvre of the Bilingual Franco-German Writer Yvan Goll

Stefan Zweig's Reception of French Poetry

Rilke, Italy, and Italian art

Puppets, Marionettes, Dolls and Automata in European and American literature, 1890-1930

Wells, Caragh - Senior lecturer in Hispanic Studies Women's Writing; post-war Spanish fiction and society; psychoanalysis and the novel; literary representations of grief; cultural representations of male emotion

Masculinity in Post-War Spain

Emotional Histories of Francoism

Li, Shuangyi Lecturer in Comparative Literatures and Cultures 

Theories of comparative and world literature; Marcel Proust; international modernism; translingualism; exophone literature; literary/cultural translation; travel literature; contemporary global/diasporic Chinese literature and visual arts (paintings, calligraphy, films, art installations); intermediality
Franco-Chinese literature and visual arts (funded by Swedish Research Council/Vetenskapsrådet) 
Europe-Africa-China triangular literary encounter and imagination

Reza, Alexandra Lecturer in Comparative Literatures and Cultures 


Comparative postcolonial studies (especially across French, Portuguese and English), anticolonial thought, the cultural production of African decolonization, 20th and 21st century writing, film and broadcasting, poetry translation.

Literary journals and African decolonization
Multilingual writing and broadcasting in post-independence West Africa
‘Southern questions: theory at Europe’s colonial frontiers’ (with Musab Younis at QMUL)
Un-Mapping Colonial Space: Discovery, Enclosure and the Anti-colonial Imagination.
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