Academic staff

Ailes, Marianne Professor of French
Bush, Ruth Associate Professor in African and French Cultural Studies
Daniels, Rhiannon Associate Professor in Italian
Davies, Steffan Associate Professor in German
Doak, Connor Senior Lecturer in Russian
Earlie, Paul Senior Lecturer in French Thought
Fox, Albertine Senior Lecturer in French Film
Harrow, Susan Ashley Watkins Chair in French Language and Literature
Hawkey, James Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Catalan Linguistics
Hurcombe, Martin Professor of French Studies
King, Edward Associate Professor in Portuguese and Latin American Studies
Kosick, Rebecca Senior Lecturer in Comparative Poetry and Poetics
Li, Shuangyi Lecturer in Comparative Literatures and Cultures
Merchant, Paul Senior Lecturer in Latin American Film and Visual Culture
O'Rawe, Catherine Professor of Italian Film and Culture
Randall, Rachel Senior Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies
Reza, Alexandra  Lecturer in Comparative Literatures and Cultures 
Schonle, Andreas Professor of Russian
Shilton, Siobhan Professor of French Studies and the Visual Arts
Siviter, Clare Senior Lecturer in French Theatre and Performance 
Stephens, Bradley Professor of French Literature
Tomlinson, Rowan Senior Lecturer in Comparative Renaissance Studies
Wells, Caragh Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies


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