Senior Research Fellowships

Senior Research Fellowships (SRFs) are two-year awards confered to distinguished retired members of staff in recognition of their continued contribution to the research at the University. Fellows are not employees of the University and the awards carry no financial resources. SRFs are therefore honorary in character and beneficial to senior individuals and their schools if it is formulated around a specific set of research goals.

Departments/Schools and Faculties will set their own internal deadlines for the receipt of SRF nominations - please check with your Faculty Office for details.

Faculties must submit their SRF awards for 2022/24 by 5pm, Fri 18 February 2022.

How to apply

Please note that SRF are awarded are by Faculties.

Expectations and renewals

Analytical reports (2-3 pages) on the activities carried out during the SRF period are required at the end of the Fellowship period. SRFs are renewable, but not automatically so – a case must be made, by detailed reference to ongoing productive research activity and interaction within the Department/School/Faculty.