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Effects of Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid Flavouring on Cigarette Craving

18 May 2021

New preprint by Maddy Dyer, Jasmine Khouja, Abigail Jackson, Michelle Havill, Martin Dockrell, Marcus Munafò and Angela Attwood.


Several countries have implemented policies restricting flavoured e-cigarette products, although the impact on smokers is unclear. Here, smokers randomised to use an e-cigarette with flavoured (fruit/sweet) or unflavoured nicotine-containing e-liquids for one week did not differ in cigarette craving, experiences of using e-cigarettes, or smoking cessation intentions/motivations. Further research is needed to establish if differences emerge over longer periods of exposure, and whether there is any effect on smoking cessation. These findings suggest that, during an initial switch from smoking to using e-cigarettes, there may be little impact of using unflavoured e-liquids on cigarette craving if fruit/sweet-flavoured e-liquids are restricted.

Full text available here.

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