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Elis Haan to begin postdoctoral research in Estonia

11 May 2021

Elis Haan, PhD student in TARG, is finishing her PhD and moving on to her next steps. She is from Estonia originally, and as a postdoctoral researcher she will continue working at the Estonian Genome Centre of the University of Tartu, in the Institute of Genomics.

During her PhD, Elis focused on investigating whether there is a causal effect of maternal prenatal smoking, alcohol and caffeine use on ADHD risk in offspring. Her postdoctoral research will focus more on adulthood ADHD, and she will examine genetic effects associated with ADHD and co-occurring cardiometabolic diseases using data from the Estonian Biobank. The Estonian Biobank has a sample size of 200,000 individuals aged 18 years or older, comprising 20% of the adult population of Estonia. In addition to genome-wide data, the Estonian Biobank is linked with national registries, hospital databases and the database of the national health insurance fund for receiving up-to-date information.

"TARG has been so inspiring a research group. I hope to stay in touch and of course you are all welcome to Estonia!" - Elis

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