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Aluminium CompositeAluminium Composite panel used for rigid external signage

Di-bond Aluminium Composite board. Suitable for external use can be supplied with a UV stable coating giving a durable sign suitable for all year round use.

FoamexImage showing 2 examples of Foamex panels the panels have white backgrounds and are printed in black the panels are showing the edge thickness to illustrate the difference between the 3mm and 5mm options

We can offer both in house production of foamex panels where a poster stock is adhered to the board - ideally suited for indoor use can have a matt finish. Alternatively we can get direct print onto the foamex panel for indoor or light outdoor use.


We can supply a variety of alternative boards. We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental efforts.

Dispaboard is a sign & display board with a flat smooth bright white print surface. It has a unique embossed core that provides rigidity and stability and is made of 100% paper. FSC certified and fully recyclable.

Excellent Display Board is another alternative to foam boards for internal applications. its robust and durable FSC certified fully biodegradable and compostable.

Acrylic signs, which are usually reverse printed on clear acrylic and supplied with aluminium standoff supports for door or wall mounting.

For all signage requests, please complete the bespoke request form and email it with your file to bespoke-printing@bristol.ac.uk.