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The EEPRIS study is interested in the normal coughs, colds and ear infections that children develop, collecting information about the symptoms of these illnesses going round in the local community and how long they last. We also wanted to find out what the actual bugs are by looking at nasal and saliva swabs taken from the children when they were ill and comparing these with swabs taken when they were well again.

This study could help doctors better manage these common illnesses in children, and help target antibiotic prescribing to the children that really need it. It can help parents to better understand how to manage their children’s illnesses too.

How do I get involved?

** Recruitment has now closed **

For more information, please read our information sheets

Consent forms:

If you have any questions or are unclear about any aspect of your taking part in the EEPRIS study, please give us a ring or email us (see contact page).

For information about common children's viruses and how to manage these, please read: Virus information for parents (PDF, 261kB)

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