Caring for children with coughs (CHICO)

The CHICO study is aiming to improve the treatment and care of children attending GP practices with coughs and acute respiratory tract infection (RTI).

Coughs and RTIs are the most common illness in children under 10 however during consultation it can be difficult to decide the best way to treat and manage this illness.

The CHICO intervention will help to improve the care of children with coughs by
i) recording symptoms and the carer’s concerns
ii) supporting doctors & nurses’ clinical decisions
iii) providing helpful information to carers about the illness.

The CHICO trial is taking place in over 300 GP practices in England, half will be given access to the CHICO intervention and half continue with their usual care. If you have seen a poster in your GP surgery this means that the practice is participating in the CHICO study.

This work uses routine data already collected by the NHS as part of their care and support. Individual patient data will not be collected. 

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