Submit a workshop proposal


Workshops provide delegates the opportunity to present original work related to academic primary care research. Workshops will be 90 minutes in length. All topics relevant to primary care research are welcomed, specifically with respect to training sessions that will equip primary care researchers with tools and technical skills for data collection, analysis, practical guidance for conducting and managing research, or presentation of research findings.

Workshop proposals that incorporate a variety of instructional approaches (e.g. lecture, interactive discussion, hands-on exercises) and materials (e.g. slides, handouts, sample data) are strongly encouraged.

Proposals should be up to two pages and include the following information:

  • Proposed title
  • Organisers (names, affiliations, brief biography/relevant experience) and primary contact person
  • Aims, objectives, and expected outcomes of the workshop
  • Statement regarding how the workshop will benefit the academic primary care community
  • Description of the target audience and estimated number of participants
  • Proposed workshop format, activities, and schedule
  • Any special A/V needs

Complete the workshop proposal form (Office document, 59kB).

Email it to Mrs Nancy Horlick at

The deadline for submissions is 8 November 2019.

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