Regional Poverty Studies

Members of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research have undertaken extensive research on regional and area poverty particularly in the South West of England, the Channel Islands and Wales. This research has been concentrated in three main areas:

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The Measurement of Poverty and Deprivation

Poverty and Neighbourhood Renewal in West Cornwall: A 2001 Census Update, David Gordon and Eldin Fahmy
Final Report [DOC, 3.1MB]
Summary [PDF, 0.2MB] [DOC, 0.1MB]

Rural proofing and best practice in neighbourhood renewal: Report for the Countryside Agency, 2004, Eldin Fahmy, Sarah Cemlyn and David Gordon
Final Report [PDF, 1.2MB] [DOC, 553KB]
Summary [PDF, 0.21MB] [DOC, 123KB]

Mapping Deprivation in the South West: Report to the South West Public Health Observatory, Eldin Fahmy and David Gordon
Full Report [PDF, 1.97MB] [DOC, 1.05MB]

Poverty and Neighbourhood Renewal in West Cornwall, 2002, Sarah Cemlyn, Eldin Fahmy, David Gordon and Simon Bennett
Executive Summary [PDF, 0.53MB] [DOC, 0.47MB]
Full Report [PDF, 2.4MB] [DOC, 3.7MB]
Introduction: Neighbourhood Renewal [PDF, 0.15MB] [DOC, 0.33MB]
Chapter 2: Mapping Deprivation [PDF, 1.2MB] [DOC, 1.3MB]
Chapter 3: Consultation with Stakeholders [PDF, 0.09MB] [DOC, 0.14MB]
Chapter 4: Community Audit [PDF, 0.86MB] [DOC, 1.4MB]
Chapter 5: Conclusion [PDF, 0.03MB] [DOC, 0.04MB]
References & Appendices [PDF, 0.23MB] [DOC, 0.67MB]

Poverty, neighbourhood renewal and the voluntary sector in West Cornwall. Paper at the 8th NCVO Researching the Voluntary Sector Conference, Nottingham, August 2002, Sarah Cemlyn, Eldin Fahmy, and David Gordon
Winner of 2002 NCVO Cambell Adamson Memorial Prize
[PDF, 0.05MB] [DOC, 0.1MB]

Poverty and neighbourhood renewal in West Cornwall. Paper at the 2002 Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Teeside, July 2002, Eldin Fahmy, David Gordon and Sarah Cemlyn.
[PDF, 0.76MB] [DOC, 0.59MB]

Poverty and Deprivation in West Cornwall, 1996, Sarah Payne, Brenda Henson, David Gordon and Ray Forrest
Section 1: Introduction; Chapter 1; Chapter 2 [PDF, 0.18MB] [DOC, 0.55MB]
Section 2: Chapter 3 [PDF, 0.55MB] [DOC, 6.1MB]
Section 3: Chapter 4 [PDF, 0.23MB] [DOC, .90MB]
Section 4: Chapter 5 [PDF, 0.19MB] [DOC, .73MB]
Section 5: Chapter 6; Conclusion; Appendices [PDF, 1.06MB] [DOC, 5.02MB]

Survey of Guernsey Living Standards, David Gordon, Pauline Heslop, Christina Pantazis, Demi Patsios and Eldin Fahmy
Read media coverage 26/02/03: States work on poverty strategy, BBC News
Phase One: The Necessities of Life [PDF, .23MB] [DOC, 1.5MB]
Phase One: The Views of the People [PDF, .39MB] [DOC, .96MB]
Phase Two: Poverty and Standard of Living in Guernsey
[PDF, .49MB] [DOC, 2.3MB]
Phase Three: Anti-Poverty Policies for Guernsey [PDF, .55MB] [DOC, 1.1MB]
Poverty and Standard of Living in Guernsey: Executive Summary [PDF, .03MB] [DOC, .07MB]

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The Measurement of Health Deprivation

Jersey Health Survey, Dave Gordon, Liz Lloyd and Pauline Heslop
[PDF, 0.38MB] [DOC, 1.5Mb]

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The Relationship Between Poverty and Ill-Health

Targeting Poor Health: Review of rural and urban factors affecting the costs of health services and other implementation issues, 2003, David Gordon, Adrian Kay, Michelle Kelly, Shailen Nandy, Martin Senior, Mary Shaw
Full report in English [PDF, 1.3MB] [DOC, 1.7MB]
Full report in Welsh [PDF, 1.4MB] [DOC, 1.7MB]

Targeting Poor Health: Wales NHS Resource Allocation Review, 2002, David Gordon, Elizabeth Lloyd, Martyn Senior, Jan Rigby, Mary Shaw,
Yoav Ben Shlomo
Full Report
[PDF, 5.5MB] [DOC, 7.5MB]
[PDF , .02MB] [DOC, .06MB]
Chapter 1: The growth of health inequalities in Britain
[PDF, .05MB] [DOC, .33MB]
Chapter 2: Health in Wales and the United Kingdom
[PDF, .03MB] [DOC, .20MB]
Chapter 3: A review of health resource allocation formulae
[PDF, .08MB] [DOC, .18MB]
Chapter 4: Developing an NHS resource allocation formula for Wales
[PDF, .04MB] [DOC, .08MB]
Chapter 5: Distribution of health needs in Wales
[PDF, 4.2MB] [DOC, 3.9MB]
Chapter 6: Policy options on reducing inequalities in health
[PDF, .04MB] [DOC, .08MB]
Chapter 7: The role of the NHS in reducing inequitable receipt of health spending [PDF, .06MB] [DOC, .09MB]
Chapter 8: Conclusions and recommendations
[PDF, .01MB] [DOC, .06MB]
Bibliography & Appendices
[PDF, .66MB] [DOC, 2.1MB]

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Poverty, Wealth and Place in Britain, 1968 to 2005

Eldin Fahmy, David Gordon, Ruth Lupton, Daniel Dorling, Jan Rigby, Ben Wheeler, Dimitris Ballas and Bethan Thomas

A look at how the geographical distribution of poor and wealthy people in Britain has changed in the last 40 years.

Very little academic research has been done to record the geography of wealth in Britain. The authors of this study argue that in order to understand social inequality it is crucial to understand what is happening to those people and households that are not poor.

They have developed four consistent measures of poor and wealthy households, and, along with households that are ‘average’, i.e. neither poor nor wealthy, they have recorded the numbers of each group at points in time across the last 40 years.

The study finds that Britain is moving back towards levels of inequality in wealth and poverty last seen more than 40 years ago, and that rich and poor are living further apart.

→ Full Report [PDF, 2.7MB]

→ Summary [PDF, 0.22MB]

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Fuel Poverty at the Local Level

Predicting Fuel Poverty at Small Area Level, David Gordon
[PDF, 0.4MB] [DOC, 0.3MB]

Predicting fuel poverty at the local level: Final report on the development of the Fuel Poverty Indicator, William Baker, Graham Starling and David Gordon
[PDF, 0.9MB] [DOC, 1.3MB]

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> The Measurement of Poverty and Deprivation

> The Measurement of Health Deprivation

> The Relationship Between Poverty and Ill-Health

> Poverty, Wealth and Place in Britain, 1968 to 2005

> Fuel Poverty at the Local Level