Social Exclusion

The Multidimensional Analysis of Social Exclusion: A Research Report for the Social Exclusion Task Force

By Ruth Levitas, Christina Pantazis, Eldin Fahmy, David Gordon, Eva Lloyd and Demi Patsios. Department of Sociology and School for Social Policy, Townsend Centre for the International Study of Poverty and Bristol Institute for Public Affairs, University of Bristol.

The purpose of this project is to:

Appendix seven of the report contains the Bristol Social Exclusion Matrix (B-SEM) which is a matrix of domains and topic areas of potential importance to social exclusion research. The B-SEM details the coverage of these domains and topic areas in existing surveys and administrative data sets.

You can download the full report (which, due to formatting restrictions, does not include Appendix seven: The Bristol Social Exclusion Matrix (B-SEM)).

The Multidimensional Analysis of Social Exclusion [PDF, 1.8MB]

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