These are specially commissioned briefings which summarise relevant knowledge in different fields and the key issues for AMR-relevant research.


Antimicrobial Resistance and Anthropology: Research Brief (PDF, 650kB)

International Relations:

Antimicrobial Resistance and International Relations: Research Brief (PDF, 837kB)

Medical Sociology:

Antimicrobial Resistance and Medical Sociology: Research Brief (PDF, 204kB)


Antimicrobial Resistance and Psychology: Research Brief (PDF, 532kB)

Key policy documents

These are selected policy and background documents which are related to UK health authority and national funding agency approaches to tackling AMR.

Report on UK-China workshop on AMR research

Workshop slides

Please find below PDF versions of the slides from the Interdisciplinary Research and AMR workshop that was held on 2-3 March 2017

Interdisciplinary Research and Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop Programme (PDF, 288kB)

1_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day1_ESRC_Intro (PDF, 1,037kB)

2_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day1_HelenLambert_Intro (PDF, 1,214kB)

3_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day1_BullerandReyher (PDF, 1,438kB)

4_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day1_EmilyRousham (PDF, 1,563kB)

6_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day1_MarcoHaenssgen (PDF, 3,691kB)

7_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day1_GloriaCordobaCurrea (PDF, 927kB)

8_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day1_CarolynTarrant (PDF, 595kB)

9_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day2_Intro (PDF, 229kB)

10_Interdisciplinary_Research_and_AMR_Day2_RCUK_funders (PDF, 1,036kB)

Workshop slides

Please find below PDF versions of the slides from the Social Science and AMR workshop that was held on 22 April 2016

1_Introduction_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 189kB)

2_Donald_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 331kB)

3_Avison_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 627kB)

4_PinchbeckAMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 2,007kB)

5_MacGowan_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 374kB)

6_Chandler_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 787kB)

7_Coast_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 464kB)

8_MacGregor_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 113kB)

9_Hinchliffe_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 667kB)

10_Elbe_and_Rushton_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 167kB)

11_Raman_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 958kB)

12_Beaumont_and_Lambshead_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 356kB)

13_Closing remarks_AMRworkshop_22April (PDF, 128kB)

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