Championing Social Science Research into Antimicrobial Resistance

Providing information, links and resources for social scientists seeking to know more about doing research relevant to drug-resistant infection (aka antimicrobial resistance or AMR), and for scientists from other disciplines to find social science collaborators and research findings.

Award aims and summary

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) regards social scientists as crucial to tackling the challenge of rising AMR and is committed to funding social science research in this area.

Helen Lambert, Professor of Medical Anthropology, was appointed as the ESRC Research Champion for AMR in October 2015. She has been leading initiatives to:

  • engage social scientists from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds - including those not currently working in the field of health - in undertaking research to address this issue
  • highlight the value of social science understanding and the need for social science research evidence to inform intervention design and policy to address AMR.


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