The ConDuCT-II Hub is led by Professor Jane Blazeby (Director) and Professor Will Hollingworth (Deputy Director) and is made up of four themes:

Theme 1: Prioritisation and trial design for cost effectiveness analysis

Theme co-lead & deputy director of the C-II Hub Professor Will Hollingworth
Theme co-lead Dr Nicky Welton
Member Professor Julian Higgins
Member Dr Chris Metcalfe
Member Dr Sian Noble
Member Dr Jelena Savovic
Member Professor Jonathan Sterne
Senior Research Associate Miss Edna Keeney
Senior Research Associate Miss Claire Williams
Research Associate Dr Jo Thorn
Affiliate Professor Jo Coast
Affiliate Dr Padraig Dixon
Affiliate Mr Hugo Pedder
Affiliate Miss Kirsty Garfield
Affiliate Dr Hayley Jones
Affiliate Dr Elsa Marques
Affiliate Dr Debbi Caldwell
Affiliate Dr Howard Thom
Affiliate Dr Matthew Page
Affiliate Dr Tracey Sach
Affiliate Dr Caoimhe Rice
PhD student Ms Gemma Clayton
PhD student Ashma Krishnan
PhD student Mr David Phillippo
PhD student Miss Kirsty Garfield

Theme 2: Integrative and dynamic research methods to optimise recruitment to RCTs

Theme lead Professor Jenny Donovan
Member & director of the C-II Hub                       Professor Jane Blazeby
Member Professor Rona Campbell
Member Professor Patricia Hoddinott
Member Professor Alicia O'Cathain
Member Professor Kate Tilling
Member/Research Fellow Dr Nicky Mills
Member/Research Fellow Dr Daisy Elliott
Member/Research Fellow Dr Sangeetha Paramasivan
Affiliate Dr Leila Rooshenas
Affiliate Miss Samantha Husbands
Affiliate Dr Carmel Conefrey
Affiliate Dr Kerry Avery
Affiliate Dr Suzanne Audrey
Affiliate Dr Rebecca Barnes
Affiliate Dr Helen Cramer
Affiliate Dr Esther Crawley
Affiliate Dr Ali Heawood
Affiliate Dr Jeremy Horwood
Affiliate Dr Talia Isaacs
Affiliate Dr Marcus Jepson
Affiliate Dr Judi Kidger
Affiliate Dr Alba Realpe
Affiliate Dr Katrina Turner
Affiliate Dr Julia Wade
Affiliate Dr Caroline Wilson
Affiliate Dr Jemima Dooley
PhD student

Miss Lucy Beasant

PhD student

Miss Nicola Farrar

Theme 3: Improving feasibility study designs and trial conduct to enhance trial quality and results

Theme co-lead & director of the C-II Hub            Professor Jane Blazeby
Theme co-lead Dr Athene Lane
Member Dr Jonathan Cook
Member Professor Jenny Donovan
Member Dr Chris Metcalfe
Member Professor Alan Montgomery
Member Professor Tim Peters
Member Prof Chris Rogers
Member Dr Nicola Wiles
Senior Research Fellow Dr Kerry Avery
Senior Research Associate Ms Karen Coulman
Senior Research Associate Ms Clare Clement
Affiliate Dr Natalie Blencowe
Affiliate Mr Ben Byrne
Affiliate Dr Jo Crocker
Affiliate Dr Lucy Culliford
Affiliate Dr Anne Daykin
Affiliate Miss Daisy Gaunt
Affiliate Professor Kerry Hood
Affiliate Miss Shelley Potter
PhD student Miss Katherine Fairhurst
PhD student

Miss Sia Gravani

PhD student

Mr Bilal Alkhaffaf

NIHR Doctoral Fellowship Miss Beth Conroy

Theme 4: Outcomes in RCTs - assessment, reporting and integration in decision-making

Theme co-lead & director of the C-II Hub            Professor Jane Blazeby
Theme Co-lead Ms Rhiannon Macefield
Member Professor Richard Huxtable
Member Prof Chris Rogers
Member Professor Chris Salisbury
Member Dr Jelena Savovic
Member Professor Kate Tilling
Member Professor Robert Hinchliffe
Senior Research Fellow Dr Kerry Avery
Research Fellow Dr Sian Cousins
Affiliate Professor Mel Calvert
Affiliate Dr Katy Chalmers
Affiliate Dr Karen Coulman
Affiliate Dr Angus McNair
Affiliate Dr Barry Main
Affiliate Miss Shelley Potter
Affiliate Miss Grace Young
Affiliate Dr Debbie Caldwell
PhD student Rachel Nash
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