From podcasts to card games, researchers within the theme have created a range of outreach activities. In addition to these we also deliver talks in schools and have put together a series of interviews with astronomers about what their work is like.

Female scientists top trumps

 Exoplanet top trumps

Created by our astrophysics lecturer Dr Hannah Wakeford, these top trumps cards feature exoplanet facts, such as each exoplanet's mass, orbit and radius. You can download a set of cards here.

Female scientists top trumps

Our astrophysics lecturer Dr Hannah Wakeford has created a top female scientists card game to celebrate the life and works of 32 of history's best scientists from around the world. The cards feature scientists from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and the Natural World. You can download a set of cards here.

Astronomy career interviews

Our researcher Dr Avon Huxor interviewed astronomers at different stages in their careers to find out how they became interested in astronomy, their career paths and the day-to-day life of being an astronomer. Each interview is about five minutes long and is designed to help students get an insight into what working in astronomy is like.
Scott Kay Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester                             
Lars Koens PhD Student, University of Edinburgh                                  
Katy Lancaster Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Bristol             
Phil Marshall Royal Society Fellow, University of Oxford                       
Sijme-Jan Paadekoper Royal Society Fellow, University of Cambridge
Lee Summers PhD Student, University of Exeter                                      

Exocast podcast

The exocast podcast talks about all things exoplanet science and is hosted by our lecturer Dr Hannah Wakeford alongside Dr Hugh Osborn and Dr Andrew Rushby. Listen to episodes here.

Talks in school

Members of the astrophysics theme regularly give talks in schools and colleges. See a list of talks and demos given by members of the astrophysics group and other staff at the School of Physics here.

Hannah Wakeford

Our researcher and lecturer Dr Hannah Wakeford has her own website with blogs, seminars, data and more outreach activities. Visit her website here.

Could Tatooine exist?

Our astrophysics researchers used computer simulations to work out if the planet Tatooine from the Star Wars movies could form in real life. Find out what they found in this video.
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