If you are interested in the Thinking Science team running a training session with your school or institution, please get in touch. The team is available to deliver bespoke training tailored to your school's needs. 

The Thinking Science team has run training with over 300 teachers and trainee teachers nationally to date, including:

  • Sessions at three annual Association for Science Eduaction conferences
  • Teacher training at the National STEM Learning Centre
  • CPD events at the Cabot Learning Federation in Bristol
  • Training for PGCE cohorts at the University of Bristol and the University of York

The training introduces teachers to the resources and provides useful techniques for succesfully embedding the questions in science lessons. Teachers have responded extremely positively to the training sessions, with 99% of teachers rating the sessions 4 or 5 stars


thoughtful and rich project, both in content and in format linking to the curriculum, well designed activities for the ASE participants

ASE participant

Interesting and inspiring course. I definitely feel more confident about including discussions in lessons and doing this effectively.

PGCE trainee teacher, University of York
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