The Centre for Science and Philosophy has a broad range of research published in top-class journals.

For more information about our research have a look at the profiles of the members of the Centre.

Some of our specialities are the following:

Bristol ranked amongst the best in the world for Philosophy of the Sciences and Mathematics

The Philosophical Gourmet Report ranked Bristol among the top places in the English speaking world for graduate study in Philosophy of the Sciences and Mathematics. The department was ranked first (or joint first) in the UK for Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of Biology, and General Philosophy of Science. Overall the department was ranked joint 9th in the UK.

Subject UK ranking Worldwide ranking
Mathematical Logic 1 in UK 4-8 worldwide
Philosophy of Biology 1 in UK 4-9 worldwide
General Philosophy of Science joint 1 in UK 3-13 worldwide
Decision, Rational Choice, & Game Theory 2 in UK 5-8 worldwide
Philosophy of Social Sciences 3 in UK 10-18 worldwide
Philosophy of Physics 4 in UK 14-18 worldwide
Philosophy of Mathematics joint 2 in UK 16-21 worldwide
Philosophical Logic joint 3 in UK 20-35 worldwide
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