Due to the coronavirus epidemic the 2020 Bristol Neuroscience Festival was cancelled. The safety and health of our community and the wider public is our top priority.

Further information on a future event will be shared once details are known.

Other options for public events and school activities include:

  • The Self Lab and the School of Psychological Science at the University of Bristol support outreach activities wherever possible. This can be in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and possibly in local science clubs. Example of these activities can be seen here: https://seis.bristol.ac.uk/~psdjt/homepage/Welcome.html
  • Outreach in Life Sciences - The Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Bristol gives all students the opportunity to explore, learn and get enthused about the research and latest ideas in life sciences. Read more here: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/life-sciences/outreach/

 We thank you for your support and understanding. 

The Bristol Neuroscience Festival Team 

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