2013 Festival

The 2013 event was attended by over 3,000 people. The talks were fully-booked and Professor David Nutt’s plenary lecture on his life as a neuroscientist was attended by about 600 people.

People from the University and hospitals contributed to the event and both staff and members of the public enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk about neuroscience.

Highlights of the 2013 festival

Listening to nerve cells firing in a cockroach leg as the hairs are gently touched.

The ‘Boggling Brains’ show was brought to the event by Alice Barber from At-Bristol Science Centre.

Visitors could test their own brain power and use these special electroencephalogram headsets to dual with each other.

Visitors were welcomed to the Wills Memorial Building by our giant brain (provided by the Medical Research Council, UK).

Brain display: viewing examples of real brains from different animals and tissue sections under the microscope showed the anatomy of the brain.

Neurobot was on hand to greet visitors although he has a surprise up his sleave!

Mind control: using the power of brain waves, visitors could race cars around a track. This technology is also being used to help train athletes.

Investigating your own nervous system using a mild electrical stimulus to trigger muscle contractions in your arm.

Brain hats, miniature brain models, jigsaw puzzles and much more saw our younger visitors enjoying learning about their brains.

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