Research Impact and Citation Metrics


7 November 2023, 11.00 AM - 7 November 2023, 12.00 PM


N.b. this workshop is now CANCELLED. Please sign up for a future running of this workshop.
This one-hour workshop provides an introduction into research indicators such as the h-index, Journal Impact Factor, and other citation-based metrics, and how these can be used to provide insight into research impact. It will also cover the limitations of citation metrics and the possible confounding factors, and the importance of contextualising information.
This workshop is aimed at academics and postgraduate researchers, including early career researchers.


The following key areas will be covered: 

  • What are research indicators? 

  • What can citation metrics tell us?  What can’t they tell us? 

  • Metrics for researchers, articles, journals, and institutions 

  • Contextualising metrics 

  • Introduction to SciVal and other tools

  • Support available 

This workshop is run by Library Research Support and has no prerequisites.  


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