Human Rights Law Clinic

The Human Rights Implementation Centre (HRIC) offers through its Human Rights Law Clinic the unique opportunity for students to work with international, regional and national organisations engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights law. Being involved with the clinic is of tremendous benefit to both students and partners.

* The call for applications is now closed, there will be an oppotunity to apply for the next intake in October 2024.

About us

Founded in 2009, the Human Rights Law Clinic integrates students into the HRIC's work and helps them acquire knowledge and experience in international human rights law and practice. Each year the HRIC appoints around seventy members to the clinic. Being appointed as a member of the clinic is a fantastic opportunity to work with the Centre.

Our partners

Members of the clinic are allocated to teams, overseen by a student team leader. The teams work with partners, organisations at the national and international levels.

Our research

The Human Rights Law Clinic enables students to provide pro-bono legal research assistance to organisations working on human rights legal issues.

Each team works on a project, all of which are international in scope, yet also have an impact at the regional and local levels.

By the end of their time on the clinic the students will have produced a series of high-quality reports, each of which will provide partners with crucial, up-to-date research that will feed directly into ongoing litigation and policy drafting, as well as informing future projects. It is the role of the team leader (a student) to liaise directly with the partner organisations throughout the research and to ensure that all the final outputs are of the highest quality.

Further information

For further information on how to apply to become a member of the clinic and eligibilty requirements please refer to the following documents:‌‌

Advert-Human Rights Law Clinic 2023_2024 (PDF, 187kB)

HRLC Expectations 2023_24 (PDF, 139kB)

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Working at the Human Rights Law Clinic was a wonderful opportunity to get practical experience during my studies.

See the Q&A with LLM graduate Emma Lennhammer to know more about working in the clinic.

Contact Us

For any queries about eligibility or general enquires about the clinic please contact:

HRIC Executive Assistant

University of Bristol Law School
8-10 Berkley Square
Bristol BS8 1HG

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