About us

The Centre for Law at Work is based in the Law School and includes leading academics who combine internationally-recognised research profiles with a wealth of experience working with organisations that are responsible for policy-development, professional regulation and social advocacy. 

Dedicated to fostering an interdisciplinary dialogue around legal issues related to work, the Centre is intellectually inclusive, embracing a wide range of methodological approaches to the study of law at work and nurturing early career researchers.   

Forging connections with the Faculty Research Group for Perspectives on Work, and with close links with the Labour Law Research Network, the Centre cultivates a transdisciplinary ethos, offering excellent support for research and research-related activities.

By engaging diverse voices and perspectives the Centre aims to influence policy at national, transnational and international levels. 

Centre for Law at Work Constitution

Find out more: Centre for law at work constitution (PDF, 55kB)

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