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The International Research Development (IRD) team delivers a range of activities designed to foster, support and develop international collaborations across all disciplinary remits. We offer a range of schemes, from funding for international online collaborative activities, to awards which bring either eminent international Professors or future research leaders to Bristol to collaborate with our own academic community. Find out more about these schemes on our Opportunities for international research development page.

The International Research Development's portfolio of awards sits within the Research Development International team. This team are able to draw upon a wide range of experience, knowledge, networks and expertise to best support development of international research partnerships, as well as linking in with other activities, including funding and policy engagement opportunities, within and beyond the University. In 2019 the University therefore made the strategic decision to bring this portfolio – much of which previously sat within the University’s former Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) – within the remit of the Research Development International team.

The IRD portfolio is led by IRD Manager Lauren Winch, with support from the IRD Officer and in consultation and collaboration with colleagues from across the Research Development International team and the International Office. We benefit from academic and strategic oversight from the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement Professor Agnes Nairn, and the rigour and quality of our main schemes are supported by a panel of academic experts from across the University of Bristol.

Lauren Winch  Sarah Watts

Dr Lauren Winch 

International Research
Development Manager            

Samantha Barlow

(on secondment)

International Research
Development Officer

Sarah Watts

(covering secondment)

International Research Development Officer









 If you have any queries regarding International Research Development, please contact the team via ird-office@bristol.ac.uk.

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