The Infection and Immunity Research Network Steering Group

The I&I Research Network exists to enhance and facilitate infection and immunity research activity and strategic planning. This includes identifying and resourcing key equipment, the improvement of internal communication and collaboration, the identification of key funding priorities and opportunities, and developing better external communication of our research to scientific and healthcare professionals, schools and the general public.

The main visible activities of the Network are a series of events and structures which aim to unify and co-ordinate research activity across large numbers of researchers, and include annual symposia and an annual Early Career Researchers’ event.

The community is guided by a Steering Group under the Network's Terms of Reference: Infection_and_Immunity_Terms_of_Reference (PDF, 255kB)

The Steering Group is comprised of the following people (in alphabetical order):

Name Position (School) Contact
Ruth Massey, co-Chair Reader in Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM)
Adam Finn, co-Chair Prof of Paediatrics (BMS/PHS)
Borko Amulic Lecturer in Immunology (CMM)
Matthew Avison Professor of Molecular Bacteriology (CMM) and BristolAMR
Philip Bright Clinical Immunologist (Southmead Hospital)
Andrew Davidson Senior Lecturer in Virology (CMM)
Hannah Fraser

Senior Research Associate in Infectious Disease Mathematical Modelling (BMS/PHS) -

Early Career Researcher representative

Wendy Gibson Professor of Protozoology (Biological Sciences)
Kathleen Gillespie Reader in Molecular Medicine, Head of the Diabetes and Metabolism Research Group (BMS/THS)
Alastair Hay Professor of Primary Care (BMS/PHS)
Mark Jepson Reader in Cell Biology (Biochemistry)
Angela Nobbs Lecturer in Oral Microbiology (BDS)
Emma Pritchard  Research Development Network Facilitator (RED)
Annela Seddon  Director of the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (Physics)
Katy Turner  Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Infectious Diseases (BVS)
Peter Vickerman  Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling (BMS/PHS)
Linda Wooldridge  Chair in Translational Immunology (BVS)
Catherine Brown  Research Development Administrator for the Network (RED/EBI)
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