• Game on: Microbial Pursuit, anything but trivial 31 July 2019 Dr Isabel Murillo Cabeza has created an exciting and interactive version of Trivial Pursuit called Microbial Pursuit, to help our undergraduates learn.
  • Plant virology and vector-transmitted disease experts join forces to help African farmers 24 July 2019 Farmers in African countries who face failing harvests due to insect vector plant diseases are being helped through a new training programme set up by leading experts in plant virology and vector-transmitted diseases. The CONNECTED network, led by an international consortium of universities including Bristol, is aiming to transform Sub-Saharan African agriculture through providing specialist training to crop researchers.
  • A cure for blindness: treating glaucoma with genes 23 July 2019 Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide; it affects roughly 2% of all people over 40. Researchers at the University of Bristol are pioneering a new way of treating glaucoma using gene therapy.
  • £9 million boost for health research in the west country 12 July 2019 Health researchers in the west country have been given a £9 million award from the Government's Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to enable them to tackle the area's most pressing health problems. The funding will enable new research projects including forecasting demand in hospitals, increasing people's physical activity levels, supporting people who self-harm and improving outcomes for children in care.
  • Hepatitis C infections could be greatly reduced in the US 11 July 2019 A new study modelling the impact of increased treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection among people who inject drugs in the US has found that an increase of clean injecting equipment provided through syringe service programmes, provision of medication assisted treatment (MAT), and antiviral treatment for hepatitis C (HCV) among people who inject drugs could reduce the incidence of HCV in the United States by 90% by 2030.
  • University of Bristol awarded £100 million to drive 'tech for better futures' research 10 July 2019 A new £100 million institute, based in the centre of Bristol, is set to transform the way we create, utilise and evaluate new digital technologies to benefit our society now and in the future.
  • Understanding the unintended consequences of healthcare apps 9 July 2019 Dr Andrew Turner, Senior Research Associate, CLAHRC West, discusses the move towards ‘digital first’ care, the possible unintended consequences of healthcare apps, and how the DECODE study aims to improve the adoption of a range of digital health tools in primary care by understanding these unintended consequences.
  • Farmer-led research tackling antimicrobial resistance wins Antibiotic Guardian Awards 6 July 2019 A project to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on English dairy farms has won a prestigious award at this year’s Antibiotic Guardian Awards held in Birmingham last week [Thursday 27 June]. The Bristol Veterinary School PhD project - Farmer Action Groups - was a winner in the Research category.
  • Scientists hijack bacteria's homing ability 5 July 2019 In a world first, scientists have found a new way to direct stem cells to heart tissue. The findings, led by researchers at the University of Bristol and published in Chemical Science, could radically improve the treatment for cardiovascular disease, which causes more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK (1).
  • New study aims to improve acne in women 4 July 2019 A new study is looking for women with acne in Bristol to take part in a new clinical trial. Led by researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Southampton the study will investigate whether a drug called spironolactone can help improve acne in women.

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