Flooding and flood risk

Flooding is a major problem in the UK and worldwide. The Hydrology Group's research in this area is focussed on the development of new computational tools for flood inundation modelling in fluvial and coastal floodplains and the use of remote sensing to develop parameterization and validation data sets for these codes.

As part of this we have developed a variety of models including the simple 2D code LISFLOOD-FP as well as more complex 2 and 3D codes, including contributions to the TELEMAC system produced by Electricité de France for whom we are a development partner. In collaboration with the Earth System Science Centre at the University of Reading we also develop our own software for 2D mesh generation and for processing laser altimetry (LiDAR) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data.

The aim of this research is to better quantify flood risk for current and future climates and to better understand (and ultimately reduce) the uncertainty associated with these predictions.

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