Every year flood events lead to thousands of casualties and significant economic damage. Globally, almost 1Bn people live in floodplains or on deltas, and this number is increasing because of socio-economic development and climate change.

The members of FloodLab carry out research into all aspects of flooding, but particularly focus on mapping current risk and how this will change over time. To achieve this, we undertake fundamental research into the fluid dynamics of flood flows, develop efficient numerical algorithms to predict flood inundation, produce new remote sensing data sets to build and validate inundation models and try to understand how climate and socio-economic change impact losses.

Our work is used by global insurers and engineering firms, NGOs and major multinationals to understand and reduce flood risk, thereby benefitting millions of people worldwide.

Academic staff:
Prof Paul Bates (Group lead)
Dr Jeff Neal
Becky Collins

Postdoctoral Researchers:
Dr Laurence Hawker
Tom O’Shea
Dr Hannah Bloomfield
Dr George Otieno

PhD students:
Yinxue Liu
Simbi Hatchard
Youtong Rong
Gang Zhao
Daniel Cotterill
Gaia Olcese
Chloe Young
Leanne Archer
Laura Devitt
Claude De Rijke-Thomas
Isolde Glissenaar
Weichen Zhong (Eng)

MScR students:
Tom Kirkpatrick
Connor Lamb (Eng)

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