Contact: Paul Bates

LISFLOOD-FP is a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model specifically designed to simulate floodplain inundation in a computationally efficient manner over complex topography. It is capable of simulating grids up to 106 cells for dynamic flood events and can take advantage of new sources of terrain information from remote sensing techniques such as airborne laser altimetry and satellite interferometric radar.

Diagrams demonstrating LISFLOOD-FP, a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model designed to simulate floodplain inundation.The model predicts water depths in each grid cell at each time step, and hence can simulate the dynamic propagation of flood waves over fluvial, coastal and estuarine floodplains. It is a non-commercial, research code developed as part of an effort to improve our fundamental understanding of flood hydraulics, flood inundation prediction and flood risk assessment.

LISFLOOD-FP has been used as a research tool:

LISFLOOD-FP has also stimulated the development of a number of academic and commercial codes based on its principles including:

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