Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic Global Environment (BRIDGE)

Our research is centred on understanding the past, present, and future Earth system, with a focus on climate and biogeochemical modelling, and geochemistry.

Climate and Earth System Modelling

Through numerical modelling, we aim to understand past and present climates, and to use this understanding to better predict future climates.

Biogeochemical and Earth System Modelling

We use numerical models to understand biogeochemical dynamics and feedbacks in the Earth system over a large range of spatial and temporal scales and to elucidate their role in past, present and future climates.


We use a wide-range of deposits, including stalagmites from caves, but also bone, coral and sediments, to obtain high-resolution records of past temperature, sea levels, vegetation change, faunal evolution.

More about our research

Marine life on an underwater rock. Research themes

Our research focuses on the area of 'Earth System Science', which looks at the complex interactions between all the Earth's components: the oceans; atmosphere; ice sheets; biosphere; as well as the influence of human activity on global change.

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