Undergraduate students

Inspire your future after graduation through experiences that link your studies to real work contexts. We will help you to reflect on and apply your learning, with the help of expert professionals and organisations.

Student Placements and Projects

Apply your learning to a real-world context and inspire your thinking.

We work with a wide variety of organisations, from international corporations to local charities. We provide opportunities for students to apply their studies to real projects and placements within the workplace, while businesses benefit from their highly-skilled and focussed support.


Be inspired by professional mentors.

Our network of mentors can offer new perspectives on possible career options and help you to consider your studies in the context of the wider world.

Talks and events

Learn from leading professionals who studied your degree and are now using it in their role.

Our expert speakers will share their experiences, how they use their academic subject in the workplace and answer your questions.

Get in touch

Internships - Alex Barlow, Professional Liaison Administrator
Placements - Claire Horton, Professional Liaison Assistant
Mentoring - Isabelle Halton, Professional Liaison Administrator
Talks and Events - Laura Dudman, Professional Liaison Assistant


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The students really get a chance to understand how their disciplines are used in the real world. And then they bring that back to the classroom, into their current studies, and it gives them an insight that they wouldn’t otherwise have had.

Dr Rachel Lart, Senior Lecturer and Faculty Education Director
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