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Select the relevant degree programme below to apply. 

Our mentors have studied the same or a closely related degree to postgraduate level and are using this in their current role. This means they have been where you are now and can offer invaluable support and advice.

Mentors can offer new perspectives on possible career options and further support you to consider your studies in the context of the wider world.

What’s involved?

You will be matched with a mentor with up to three other students, based on your career aspirations and interests.

You have 3-4 meetings with your mentor across the academic year. Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, all meetings will be online. You will have the opportunity to ask your mentor questions and learn from their experiences and insights.

We offer a range of Mentoring Schemes for the following postgraduate students:

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Postgraduate Mentoring
Claire Horton, Professional Liaison Administrator
Moy McKayle, professional Liaison Assistant

It provided the opportunity to develop a new professional relationship with an Educational Psychologist, who is now helping me to prepare for job interviews in that profession.

Lauren Dawkins, MSc Psychology of Education student

I learned how social consulting works and the different approaches a public policy student can provide to the company. Moreover, I saw there are other forms of consulting companies, not just the 'big 4'.

Xabier Goikolea, MSc Public Policy student

Now I can fully understand what job an educational psychologist does. So after the program, I can say that I know what to search for in my future career.

Eirini Mesimeri, MSc Psychology of Education student
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