Collateral Damage: Impacts of Hostile Migration Policies on Practitioners in Britain, Denmark and Sweden

8 December 2021, 1.00 PM - 8 December 2021, 2.00 PM

Dr Vicky Canning


The acknowledgement that asylum systems across Europe are “hostile environments” for migrant groups has increased in academic and practitioner consciousness, particularly in the aftermath of the 2015 refugee reception crisis. However, although the impacts of socio-political hostilities on migrants are well documented, little has been addressed about the implications of border restrictions on practitioners working with refugee populations.

This presentation expands the focus of hostilities to consider the variable impacts of intensified bordering practices on this group. Based on qualitative research which included 74 interviews undertaken across Britain, Denmark, and Sweden, Dr Vicky Canning will outline the experiences of practitioners working with refugee populations.

Fundamentally, increasingly restrictive, harmful and indeed punitive approaches to immigration have had multiple negative effects on practitioners working in this sector. This has potential for longer term negative impacts on practitioners, but also —importantly - refugee populations who require various forms of legal aid, or social and psychological support. 

The event is free and you can register to attend here.



Speaker: Dr Vicky Canning, Senior Lecturer, School for Policy Studies

Vicky has spent over a decade working on the rights of women seeking asylum. She is interested in support for survivors of sexual violence and torture across NGOs and migrant rights organisations, and in mitigating border harms.



8 Dec - Collateral Damage

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