Travel Bursary

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Travel Bursary

The University of Bristol is happy to reimburse travel costs of prospective students for official visits to the University (excluding the main University Open Days in June and September).

Who should apply?

Prospective Home (UK) undergraduate students who are:

  • attending a departmental interview AND who have a household income of under £42,875 or are eligible to receive a contextual offer.
  • attending a post-offer visit day AND who have a household income of under £42,875 or have received a contextual offer.

What is it?

  • Travel Bursary covers the cost of visiting the University of Bristol to attend an interview or a post-offer visit day.
  • Payments are made to cover the cost of train, coach, air or boat fare at the most economical rate available, or the cost of petrol at 15p per mile if you travel by car.

How do I apply?

Terms and conditions

Please refer to the terms and conditions of the bursary before applying.

When is the deadline?

There is no deadline, however please read the section entitled General within the terms and conditions.

Last year we covered the cost of over 350 journeys to the University of Bristol for our prospective students.