Queen's Engineering Building - The New Wing

Queen's Engineering Building - The New Wing

Proposed new wing


Development proposals are being brought forward by the University of Bristol to create a new wing on the Queen's Building in order to provide much needed additional teaching and research space for the Engineering Faculty.

The Queen's Building is located between University Walk, Cantocks Close and Woodland Road and sits within the University Precinct with Royal Fort Gardens to the north and the recent Chemistry Building to the south. The present building is a large four storey 1950s building which has previously been the subject of extension and modification. It is not listed but falls within the Tyndalls Park Conservation Area.

Proposed new entrance on Woodland Road

Project outline

The emerging proposals focus on a new wing to the north-west of the Queen’s Building sited on part of the grassed slope leading down to Woodland Road. The new wing features a large flexible teaching space for some 200 students which could also be used for open day activities, exams, summer schools and conference/industry events. The wing also includes an undergraduate laboratory space with demonstration areas, meeting rooms, small working group spaces and research offices. Externally it provides a new entrance to the Queen's Building from Woodland Road,  and improved links to other University buildings particularly within the Engineering Faculty.

Proposed new atrium


The new atrium are will create a vibrant, informal atmosphere for social study, relaxing and as breakout space.  


Mixed use space

Academic spaces

The new design and teaching space will provide a flexible, creative learning environment suitable for teaching, seminars, design sessions and group working.  


As these plans progress the University and its project team would like to hear the views of those living and working in the area and also feedback from University staff and students.

Feedback and further questions about the project can be emailed to the project team.  You can also view more details from the Faculty of Engineering on their website

If you have any comments or queries about the proposals please contact;

Avril Baker Consultancy, consultation co-ordinator

Tel: 0117 977 2002 Fax: 0117 077 4255 or email: info@abc-pr.co.uk

Alternatively comments on the submitted planning applications can be made directly to Bristol City Council Planning Department.