Campus Innovation

Campus Innovation provide support to all Campus Division teams. We also work closely with our business partners across the University to provide a service to our divisional colleagues and beyond. Our work also focuses on operational sustainability, particularly the delivery of our scope 1 and 2 carbon net zero 2030 target and setting a target to reduce scope 3 emissions.

What we do

We provide support to more than 900 Campus Division staff, as well as the wider University. Our work includes:

  • advising, training and supporting on safety and health issues;
  • managing our quality assurance to ensure we're providing the best service internally and externally;
  • working with business partners to provide finance management and guidance across the Division;
  • helping to raise the Division's profile within the University and with our civic partners;
  • developing and managing IT systems within the Division;
  • engaging with divisional staff through our communications service;
  • managing and developing a team of administrators to support team operations;
  • delivering scope 1 and 2 Carbon Net Zero targets and scope 3 optimisation.

Campus Innovation also leads on the following:

  • Carbon reduction plans;
  • Green energy;
  • Circular economy and key sustainable infrastructure schemes;
  • Travel and transport planning.

Learn more about us

Campus Innovation support centre

Staff can learn more about our work and the support we offer on our SharePoint site.

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