73 St Michael's Hill

Refurbishment of 73 St Michael's Hill

Former Children's Hospital

Former Children's Hospital on St Michael's Hill


Proposals are in development to provide additional academic and educational space on two adjacent sites on St Michael’s Hill.  These projects would enhance the science quarter of the University campus and complement the recently completed Life Sciences building and the Physics building.

This exciting project details the refurbishment and change of use of the Grade II listed, former Children’s Hospital building at 73 St Michael’s Hill to ensure its long term future and maintenance. The second project concerns the potential to provide space for additional education purposes, such as teaching and research space, in new extensions to rear and south of the Listed Building on the site of the former hospital wards.

Plan of wider proposals

Plan of wider proposals

Project outline

The former Children's Hospital renovation will allow for the most effective use of internal spaces consistent with its listed building status.  The front and side elevations will remain largely unchanged other than minor repairs to the stonework and windows. To the rear, where the wards were demolished, the building will be reinstated to match the original layout. A detailed scheme is being worked up in order to submit planning and listed building applications by the end of this year.

Rear of the listed building

Rear of the listed building

Project consultation

The wider proposals are at a very early stage of design development and the University at present has no detailed brief, end user or a timeframe for implementation for this project. It was, however, felt useful to invite some early debate from key stakeholders on the indicative proposals in the context of the application going forward for the adjacent Listed Building.

The emerging development proposals consider how the Listed Building could be improved through these new extensions including providing a new main entrance, a new accessible entrance and pedestrian links through to the rest of the Royal Fort area.  Regarding the scale, height, mass and architectural treatment of any new development the University aspires to produce a new building which will have a positive impact on the historic streetscape of St Michael’s Hill and the Royal Fort. 

As these plans progress the University and its project team would like to hear the views of those living and working in the area and also feedback from University staff and students.

If you have any comments or queries about the proposals please contact;

Avril Baker Consultancy, consultation co-ordinator

Tel: 0117 977 2002 Fax: 0117 077 4255 or email: info@abc-pr.co.uk

Alternatively comments on the submitted planning applications can be made directly to Bristol City Council Planning Department.