Permits To Work Information for UoB Staff

Permit to Work Information for Staff

A permit to work procedure is a specialised type of safe system of work under which certain high risk activities may only be carried out with the specific permission of an Authorised Person.

University of Bristol staff are able to request, authorise (if an approved authoriser) and view issued permits within Planon by using the Single Sign-on access.  Click on the relevant button below to access the request form, authorise permit location or view permit status location:

‌‌Request a permit‌ Authorise a permit View Permit StatusPermit needs signature

Please note that you will not be able to view the full permit prior to it being issued, but you can view the status of the permit application using the button above.

Following a range of submitted queries, a Q and A document has been produced which can be accessed via the following link:

Permit to Work Questions and Answer Sheet

In addition, a Yammer discussion group has been set up where any member of estates staff can raise queries or issues with the permit process or system.  This is a closed group so you will need to request to join.  This group can be accessed via this following link:

Permit to Work Yammer Discussion Group

A series of short training videos have been developed to demonstrate the various steps in the new permit process (note these videos link through YouTube): 

Video 1 Request a PermitVideo 2 Resubmit a Permit RequestVideo 3 Approve a permitVideo 4 Extend or Change a Permit

The Campus Division issues Permits to Work for all activities carried out to the buildings and infrastructure of the University estate where works fall into the following categories:

Isolation Permits Hazardous Activity Permits
Electrical Services. * Hot Work (max. duration 1 day only).
Mechanical Services. Confined Space.
Local Exhaust Ventilation and fume cupboards. Excavations.
Water. Asbestos.
Gas. Working at Height including:
  • roof access.
  • scaffold erection/dismantling.
  • Tower scaffold.
  • MEWP.
Fire Alarm Systems including 'bagging off' smoke detector heads. Work within or impact upon critical area/systems.
Building Management System (BMS).  

* The process for electrical permits has been amended slightly so now the Campus Division Safety Team will only issue a permit to the Authorised Person once it has been approved.  The Authorised Person will then attend site with the contractor and confirm that the power supply has been locked-off prior to giving the permit to the contractor.  This step is essential to ensure that works do not take place on live electrical circuits. 

Once this step has been confirmed as completed and works have been approved to start, all other named personnel on the permit will be given access to view the permit online as normal.  Upload of site documents and permit extension requests can then be applied as normal to the online permit via the change control process.

All permit to work requests must include job specific risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) along with any other relevant information, giving 10 working days notice for the permit.  If inadequate RAMS are submitted then this will delay the approval process, hence the need for 10 working days in order to assess requests.

Please note that works carried out without a permit when one is required will be stopped until a permit application is approved.

Existing Permit Documentation:

*Please note that these documents are currently under review and may change in the near future.  To ensure that you are working with the latest version please check back on a regular basis.

If you require further information, please contact the Campus Division Safety Team at