Asbestos Management

Asbestos is a natural fibrous rock that was used in construction in the UK up until the late 1990s, and was mainly used as insulation or for its fire resistant properties.  The three main types of asbestos (there are six in total) are:
Crocidolite (also known as blue asbestos)
Amosite (also known as brown asbestos)
Chrysotile (also known as white asbestos).
Asbestos is perfectly safe if it is left undisturbed in good condition.  If however it is damaged, drilled into, cut or smashed, then fibres can be released into the atmosphere which can then be breathed in.  Asbestos fibres present a risk to health if inhaled and may, over a long period of time, result in mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer developing.
Management of asbestos in England and Wales is governed by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, the Approved Code of Practice L143, and associated guidance documents.  Compliance with this legislation for the University is the responsibility of the Campus Division, and this is managed by the Compliance Team within the Hard FM Services department.
The University currently uses MiCAD as its asbestos management database to hold asbestos survey data, re-inspection data, asbestos records and management plans.  All refurbishment projects should have a refurbishment and demolition (r&d) survey carried out first to identify whether asbestos is present before works start.  Any works that require a r&d survey MUST be managed by the Campus Division.  All other works that may involve drilling into walls or rerouting building infrastructure must be checked against the building asbestos registers before works commence to ensure that asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are not damaged.

The Campus Division asbestos-related documentation is as follows:

HSP2 Asbestos Management Procedure and Plan (FM Hard Services Document)

HSP2a Asbestos Management Plan (FM Hard Services Document)

HSP2b Asbestos Emergency Process (FM Hard Services Document)

HSP2c Asbestos Flow Chart through Project Works (FM Hard Services Document)

HSP2d Asbestos Non-Notifiable Licence Works Decision Process (FM Hard Services Document)

HSP2e Asbestos Bulletin (FM Hard Services Document)

HSP2f Removal of Asbestos containing Flash Guards and/or Fuse Carriers by Electricians (FM Hard Services Document)

HSP36a Contaminated Item Clearance Permit (FM Hard Services Document)

WI-18 Entry into Asbestos Contaminated Areas (FM Hard Services Documents)

        WI-18 appendix 1

        WI-18 appendix 2

        WI-18 appendix 3

        WI-18 appendix 4

        WI-18 appendix 5

        WI-18 appendix 6

Please note that these documents are currently under review and may change in the near future.  To ensure that you are working with the latest version please check back on a regular basis.

All work on asbestos MUST be carried out under a permit-to-work by approved University contractors (see the permit-to-work page for more information on how to applym for a permit).  
If you require access to the MiCAD asbestos database or need further information please contact the Asbestos Compliance Officer Mark Schafer
Telephone: 0117 9288045

MiCAD can be accessed using the web address (please note that this site does not work  in Chrome so should be cut and pasted into the Internet Explorer URL address field).