Challenges facing electrical and electronic engineers


Transportation is vital to the future development of our society. Our reliance on all forms of transportation is growing despite the rising costs of energy. The transportation sector is crying out for novel technological solutions that would allow it to become more efficient, safe and affordable. Electrical and electronic engineering is playing a major role with recent examples including electrical vehicles and more electric aircraft.

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Information and Communications technologies

ICT has led a technical revolution over the last decade. The modern world is now defined by smart ICT solutions. The “smart” revolution changes not only how digital data is delivered, stored and retrieved, but also how basic utilities (energy, water) and transportation is organised. Hot topics currently include: data centres and cloud computing, super fast broadband, and wireless always on communications.   

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Securing sustainable energy sources is one of the most difficult and important challenges facing our society. The dangers of climate change are widely acknowledged and drastic emission cuts add to the challenge. Hot topics in this sector include: future networks (smart grids, smart storage and energy metering), electric vehicles (charging, interaction with smart grids) and safety in nuclear systems.

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